Quitting your job? Why you should make a commitment.

From time to time we all get to the stage where we want to just walk out and leave our present situation. We moan and grumble, but time just carries on. If we are not careful the days turn into weeks, weeks turn into years how and we never finish we never quit that job. I want to share with you the story about somebody who made that commitment to leave in their place of work, and then went on to do something they loved.  The person is called Billy Connolly who is a comedian, raconteur, and a folk singer. In the 1960s he worked as a welder Glasgow shipyard in Scotland This is before he became famous. This story is taken from a biography written by his wife after he became famous.  

One day in January Billy is talking to his friend Bugsy as they are warming their hands by the side of a brazier. Bugsy asks Billy about his folk singing and how it’s doing. Billy says yeah, it’s fine it’s going well so well in fact a I am thinking of going professional in time of the Glasgow fair. Bugsy tells him he will never do it. The Glasgow fair is about six months away it is a time where musicians and artists all came together and have a two-week festival all over the city. Before Billy could reply Bugsy continued the festival is six months away you get to the festival and something will come up and you won’t finish, you won’t turn professional so you leave it for another six months, then six months will turn to twelve months, twelve months will turn into years and your  still stuck here. There is nothing worse than an old guy working here who knows he could have got out when he was young but did not. This left Billy silent and if you know Billy Connolly that is an achievement. Anyway, when Friday came Billy picked up his wages and walked out. Billy never went back to the shipyard.  He did however go on to have a very successful career first of the folk singer and then a comedian who played the banjo.

When I first read this story it really resonated with me. I thought about all the times that I had just let things drift and not take any action and how I allowed time to pass by. I think the real point here is that you must make a real commitment to quit. It could be writing in resignation letter or even marking a date on the calendar something with deadline that you get to work to. There is always the option of just walking out. and talk to me quite scary. It is better if you have got a plan. If you can plan for the future, then it’s a lot less scary. By making commitment means you must take positive action. Take one small step. It does not have to be huge a dramatic just so long as its consciossly in the direction you want to go.

One action you could take, is to have some coaching. There you could find your values, motivations and even plan your escape route.  I specialize in helping people move on to doing what they love in their lives. If you are interested in taking positive action and committing to your future, then get in touch with me using the form below and I will help you.

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