“Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.”- Sir Ernest Shackleton’s advert.

I must add women are also welcome, it was the early 1900’s when Shackleton supposedly ran that advert, so I think he can be excused for his sexist language.

Hello, I am Patrick Tarpey and I am the coach at Magnitude.biz. There are times in our lives when the spirit of adventure gets stifled. I see my job as helping those who want to rekindle that spirit and for them to become trailblazers in their own lives.

I used to teach Physics at a High School. As well as the teaching I used to organise the Duke of Edingburgh Award Scheme ( DofE) at the school. I had always wanted to spend time outdoors camping, hiking, and just being out in the hills and mountains. The DofE allowed me to do that and introduce the outdoors to young people. So after about twenty years of teaching, I worked out that I wanted to do more outdoors work and less in the classroom. So I quit full-time teaching to go freelance as a Mountain Leader and DofE Supervisor. I am still doing the outdoors work and I fully enjoy it and so do the young people I work with but I noticed there is a group of people who are unhappy, their teachers. There is always a teacher who is unhappy with their jobs and wishes they could change it, in almost every school group I meet. I know what it was like to be in their situation which is why I want to help them. Through my coaching programmes I want to help Teachers leave their old jobs and to go on to do something they really enjoy. Not all of us love standing in the rain on a damp hillside waiting for a group of young people to turn up, I do but we all have diffrent dreams and ambitions and I want you to be in the postion where you can realise your potential.

If you are intrested in finding out more just let me know in the form below and we can have a quick chat over a cup of tea. ( form to be added latter)